Sunday, September 11, 2011

Deep breath.

Definitely been a trying week, you know? But I felt much better today so moving on..

 I went back to the project that I tried to start on Thursday, gotta get back on that horse you know......

Yes the project that started all this was Death. Black Death to be exact. How prophetic. Or ironic. Or........something. 

It's Death by Candy Corn and why didn't I notice those cutie candy corns were over one before I started this? Holy lot-of-teeny-tiny-stitching-for-one-stinking-corn Batman! To be fair, the pattern calls for a half stitch for these but I couldn't see the damn thread when I did it that way so a full cross stitch it is. Oh hello, instant doubling of the time/stitches. *mwah*

I finished my-not-quite-August/not-quite-September pair of socks a couple days ago and aren't these the most ridiculous pair of socks you've ever seen:
Yep. Candy corn socks. 
I'm totally going to wear them with some Mary Jane-style shoes too and not care one bit how many crazy looks it gets me. So there.

I will be offline tomorrow because, quite honestly, I just can't handle the 9/11 coverage. Just a handful of it on the tv or whatever and I start to feel panicky and overwhelmed by it like it's happening all over again, even to this day. :(


Sylvia said...

Touching post, Melanie.

I hear you on your feelings regarding 9/11. It has been my sleep robber this week.

Margaret said...

It sounds like you've lived through quite a lot in your life. The good thing is you've come through it and are balanced and know what's important and what's not. Books and stash yes. lol! The Little House books were huge with me as a child too. I lived on them for a long time, just like you. So I totally get why you felt that way when you couldn't find your set. And the stash too. Ugh. I hope you've solved the whole issue and saved what you could from your stash. Such a pain.

I love the Death by Candycorn piece. Had no clue the candycorns were over one. It'll be worth it though, don't you think? Love those candycorn socks too.

I'm the same way when it comes to 9/11. I still can't watch -- way too painful. Brings everything back. So yeah, I understand that too.

Jackie said...

I think we all have our "stuff" that means something to us that maybe someone else doesn't see. I still ache to this day over a quilt my sister owned of my grandmothers that she ruined. It wasn't even mine and it just makes my heart ache!

I'm also not watching 9/11 coverage. I just can't.

Jan said...

You do whatever you have to do to keep the good memories. That is the important thing.
I worked in a hospital near the Pentagon on 9/11 and it is not something I want to relive. Now I refuse to watch or listen to anything about.

mary me said...

Your post was so moving...I could feel your panic and pain about your childhood memories and the Little House Series. Thanks for sharing with us.

I hope your Mom will find peace within herself.

Your candycornsocks are positively adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

{{{{BIG, BIG HUGS}}}

Oh my gosh ... those candy corn socks are AWESOME!!!!!

Is that Jaywalker?

Jenny said...

Love the socks and also your post subject about attachment to things. It is educating and very helpful to read about a very different kind of childhood than most of us (at least pretend to have) had. A very, very good read indeed! Thanks so much for sharing.

Margaret said...

I love those socks, and would wear them proudly!!
As I said before, I **try** to say "it's just stuff" when things like that happen, but I agree that it is sooo hard when it is great,meaningful stuff. I feel your pain.
when my basement flooded last week, I was very happy that my yarn stash was safely put up in plastic bins. I would be feeling the same way you do now, if I lost it.

Beth said...

I think our "past" is always "present" and it is remarkable how you have turned yours into something positive and self-aware! Hang in there! And if you can only have one momento from childhood, I can think of nothing better or more filled with wonderful memories, than a set of Little House books.

Ranae said...

OMGosh! Love the candy carn socks

Pumpkin said...

Okay, I just HAVE to have those socks!!!! AWESOME!

Your WIP looks great. Don't give up.