Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today was a good day.

I really need to not type out posts when I'm feeling morose, you know? Having no cell service all night/day just started getting to me when I thought of him going back to work today and I would have nothing running AND no car to leave the house. (He leaves for work at 1am & works an hour away from here so dropping him off, etc. really isn't a viable option 'just because'.)

Thankfully they got the cell tower(s) working again last night so that's back up. I don't usually get more than 1-2 bars out here but that's all I need to keep me happy. :)

Some people have started getting power in town so hopefully they are working their way towards us. There are still tons of trees down on the wires everywhere you look so I'm not holding my breath for it being back on tomorrow. Lol (Maybe by Friday?) I actually drove UNDER a fallen tree that was laying across the road on the way home from the mechanics. OH YES I DID. I eyeballed the hole and it seemed like my small car could fit so I figured I would try it. Heheheh. Probably not safe with all the wires around but it was a long day and I didn't want to have to backtrack. Lol

I'm not sure why people think I have a lot of time to sit around knitting and stuff. Everything takes twice as long to do! It's like camping which, personally, I've always found exhausting.

I was so busy today I needed a nap by 1pm. Lol. Got up at 7am, ate some fruit while poking around the news online to see what was going on in this area and then started cleaning the house. Who says you need power to clean? I scrubbed, dusted, swept (very helpful not having any rugs anymore!), mopped and cleaned everything I could for about three hours, exercised, went through the whole big rigamarole to bathe and wash my hair, put lunch together, tried sitting down on the deck but I was toast after 15 minutes so I went to take a nap, got up after an hour and started prepping the buckets and stuff for when he got home at five and finally, finally, THEN I sat down for about an hour and knit while listening to my talk shows (Jay Thomas/Rich & Corvino) on my battery-powered Sirius radio.

Nitwit keeping me company.

So all in all, not a bad day. We even managed to find some ice tonight after 'only' three stops and two trips up the highway. Lol. My mother brought up four huuuuuuuuge garbage bags of ice yesterday when she came to grab some of my freezer stuff, courtesy of my brother's friend who works at a restaurant supply place somewhere in RI, so that was nice. We passed out all the extra to the neighbors who wanted some so it didn't go to waste. And it was nice to repay Jabbar back in particular seeing as we are getting all our washing/flushing water from his swimming pool. Lol (Turns out.........washing your hair in pool water isn't so bad. I was expecting it to be crunchy and chlorine-y smelling but it's perfect!)

Tomorrow I'll try tackling the fridge now that the rest of the house is clean. No better time to do it now that it's completely empty right??? :)

Arrrrrrgh. This just took waaaay too long to tap tap tap out on my phone and 15% of my precioussss battery power. Oh well - what else am I going to do at night sitting in the dark, right? *snort*

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k9muttlover said...

So glad that today was a better day - AND keeping positive! I keep thinking about you and I'm glad to see that things are looking up! Take care and try not to clean TOO much. ;)

Dee said...

Every day will get a little better. So, I guess the uptake is ... the worst is over.

Nitwit is adorable! :-)

Sylvia said...

Hang in there - hope that power comes back on. Your attitude is great!!

Annie said...

It's so hard to keep up your spirits during a time like this. You're doing a great job keeping busy.. I'm sure that helps since you feel like you are accomplishing something! Sending good thoughts for the power to come back soon!

Jenny said...

Wow - I would have needed a nap after a morning like that too - great job! (I would probably have stitched all day though... LOL)

Carol said...

At first a day without power seems like an adventure, but eventually you get more and more tired of the whole thing. Hope each day improves for you, Melanie :)

KarenV said...

Hope things are back to normal soon!

geeky Heather said...

Ugh...forced camping! I hope your power comes back on soon!!

Pumpkin said...

How are things now? Closer to normal I hope. It seems that you found things to do without power ;o) I would find that challenging myself. LOL!