Monday, July 11, 2011

Well, crap.

How did I manage to go two weeks without updating.................and not even notice? lol
I guess I just haven't been very chatty lately. Or I've been busy. 

Honestly, I haven't even been working on projects much either, though I did manage to finish this super simple and sweet Lizzie Kate freebie:
 I used whatever colors hit my hand as I was flipping through my hand-dye box and added another red stripe on the bottom because I like red and thought it was underrepresented in the original. It will make a nice addition to my little stash of Americana pillows I did last year: 

Besides that it's just been reading, reading, reading. I've gotten the bug again so it's go-go-go READ! I read two books this weekend at a furious pace: The Help and Mrs. Peregine's Home for Peculiar Children. That last one? 

CA...REEP.....EEEEEE. But in a good way.

It's tagged as 'young adult' so it's not overly gross or anything but, like the Harry Potter books at the end of it's run or The Hunger Games, we're not talking about an easy, breezy kid's read either. The author uses creepy-deepy real vintage photos to illustrate the story which is a new twist I've never seen someone do before. Very neat! (I added a Good Reads widget to the sidebar if you want to 'hook up' over there. :))

And now I'm going to go try and catch up with all of y'alls blog posts but I have to admit I'm waving a tiny white flag in that regards because I've become a bit of a.........................skimmer........over the last couple weeks. I know - BAD ME. SKIMMER?? Quelle horreur! I do love reading blogs and leaving comments but sometimes it gets to be too much and then I take off a few days and come back to a Google Reader with 300-400 entries waiting for me and........*GULP* But I'm digging in this afternoon and catching up a bit because I totally adore what you guys have to post about. :)


Margaret said...

Oooh, love your new finish and all your patriotic pieces! Very nice! I loved The Help! I've been curious about that Mrs. Peregrine book. Might have to try it. Maybe. Not that into creepy. lol!

Beth said...

What a sweet Lizzie Kate finish - I'm envious of your "Patriotic Pillow" collection - very cool!

Melanie said...

Thanks so much, Beth! :)

Annie said...

Such a great collection of patriotic cuties.

It's the lazy days of summer.. you're allowed to sit back and idly read away!

KarenV said...

I love your latest finish and your cute Americana collection :) That yellow fabric with the faded stars and the blue check fabric are just lovely together.

I'm nearly done with The Hunger Games and I'm LOVING it! Wow, such a great read. Started it briefly last night and have read it through most of the afternoon. Now I'm going to have to get the others!

Michele said...

Love your L*K finish! Cute pillow :) and your other patriotic finishes are lovely!!!

Melanie said...

Oh Karen - that's why a Kindle is so WICKED. I liked The Hunger Games so much after the last page was 'flipped' I downloaded the next one in a hot second and kept going and going and didn't end up lifting my head until two days later when I was done with the entire series.

valerie said...

Cute patriotic finish and display! I love The Help! Fabulous, fabulous book!

Carol said...

Your little LK finish is right up my alley, Melanie--I love that sort of finish the most. Your patriotic pillow collection is adorable. I just began mine this year--really can't wait to watch it grow :)

I listened to The Help and thought it was the best audio book ever! Not sure about the creepy little girl on the cover of the other, but it certainly sounds interesting. I

Jackie said...

I really like the addition of the extra red stripe in you LK freebie. It makes it look more like a stripe to go with the stars.

Sent you an invite on Goodreads. I really enjoy that site!

Catherine said...

Lovve your patriotic smalls collection!

That book sounds interesting, I may have to try it out!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Nice little finish!

Julie said...

I think all bloggers are having some downtime right now, reading seems to be very popular, i know i'm not so productive in the craft dept recently, my excuse is the new grandchild, i just have to have my cuddle fix LOL

Love the new lacy socks, enjoy your reading time

take care xx

Pumpkin said...

Sweet finish! You've got quite the collection there.

I hear you. I waaaaay behind in my reading and I hate to miss anything important ;o)

Siobhan said...

Love the finish! Your patriotic pillows are great. I totally missed the patriotic stitching boat this year.

I NEED to get that book! Sounds deliciously creepy.