Monday, June 20, 2011

Winnah winnah time.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I mostly worked and looked in horror around the destruction that is my house at the moment. (Work has begun on bedroom two. One day this flooring project will be complete and I will no longer have great stacks of stuff to gingerly make my away around in the other rooms....and hall...and downstairs.... And there will be no more $11-projected trips to Lowe's that turn into $275 fiascoes. lol)

And I managed to finish these:
Oh boy socks,  you ruin me sometimes, you do. With your......largeness and neverending-knitting-itis. 

I'm slightly annoyed that I went to the trouble to try and match the stripes as close as possible and the two skeins of yarn ended up being slightly different colors. (One is a little darker and more specklier than the other.) Dye lots be damned, eh? Seriously.........why bother PRINTING dye lots on the side of the skein if it's all a crap shoot anyway? (Looking at you Cascade Simple Stripes!) At least it wasn't as bad this time as the pair for my mother I really got hung on earlier this year. (Now THOSE I was really butt hurt over.)

The foofy feet in the upper part of the photo belong to Old Man Mooshie. I tried to move him along from his usual daytime sleeping spot to get more light for the photo and this is the face I got:
I believe the exact translation of that face is: @&#%!@$!@%!@$!@#

Nice, Mooshie. Nice. Pfffffft to you too! lol
Okay, winnah winnah time. I plugged in the number of comments into the random generator and got:
So the winner for the Uber Jack pattern is Staci of Snippets and Stash!

 Thanks to everyone who played along. I'm sure I'll have more patterns to pass along in the future as I'm of the mind to not hoard keep every last project I finish anymore. I just have waaaaaay too much stuff stuffed away in my closets!!


valerie said...

Great socks!

Congrats to Staci!

Annie said...

I think the socks look great. Life is too short to worry about a little bit of color variation.

Congrats to Staci!

Pumpkin said...

LOL! You're too funny Melanie ;o)

No wonder you got that awful look from Mooshie!

I love the socks despite the tiny differences ;o) I can understand your frustration though.

Congrats to Staci!

Margaret said...

The socks look great even if the two skeins turned out differently. Love them! Mooshie -- love that face! lol!

Patty C. said...

Mooshie is tooooo funny
Great socks - I do not have that skill but I can definitely admire the talent !!

Wishing you the best with your house project :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Staci!

Oh my gosh --- that Mooshie face is awful. He's got stink-eye down perfectly.

Sylvia said...

I love your socks, but I can see what you mean about the speckles. The orange yarn in your previous post is very yummy!!

Carol said...

Gorgeous socks, Melanie, and what a gorgeous cat, too! Love his face--how indignant!!

Congratulations to Staci--I'm sure she'll be thrilled :)

Carol said...

Gorgeous socks, Melanie--and gorgeous cat, too. Love his face--how indignant!!

Congratulations to Staci--I'm sure she'll be thrilled :)

staci said...

That is so awesome...I just had a giveaway and I won one~~karma!!!

I hear you on the dye lot thing...whatever happened to quality control?!? The socks look great anyway :)

Julie said...

Fab socks!

LOL what a face, you can just imagine the purry line that would accompany that if he could speak!

KarenV said...

Great socks, even with the dye lot issues! That's a cat with attitude too - very cute!

Margaret said...

Lovely socks. I'm partial to blue and these are nice. I don't see a big difference between the two.

Love that cat face! I've had that same face on a Monday morning!