Monday, March 14, 2011

Feh. Time Change.

It's like I'm moving through quicksand today. Oh time-forward-change, my nemesis. *shakes fist*
I should be feeling 'right' again by...................July or so. lol

LOOKEE LOOKEE LOOKEE. I actually finished ANOTHER small stitchy! Never underestimate my ability to ignore what I should be doing (*ahem* sweater *ahem*) in order to dazzle myself with a small pretty. Distracted by teh shiny. I haz it bad. 
(look at me breaking out those buttons again!!!! )

This is a freebie chart that was posted last week by Vinniey on Sometimes I Stitch. Super cute! I changed the colors to be more appropriate to the room I want to use it in but I think it looks great in any colors really. How about red birds and green for the lettering for a Xmas theme? Or all pink or all baby blue for a new baby theme?

I wanted to do a wire hanger for this, you know - just poke it through the corners, curly-q the ends, etc. But I couldn't find any black wire in my craft supplies. I KNOW IT'S IN THERE SOMEWHERE but it's probably easier to just buy some more at Michaels vs. tearing up a big huge closet full of crafty odds-n-ends. So for now it's just a small pillow but I WILL make it into a hanger at some point. (Thankfully, unlike the Joann's that is 45 minutes away, there is a Michaels in town that I can swing by next time I go to the supermarket or whatever.)

Is anybody else planning on watching the new Game of Thrones show on HBO next month?
I have to watch it because I pay dearly for my HBO subscription and figure I have to watch everything in order to get my money's worth. lolol (Thankfully I like most of their programming.)

I know nothing at all about the mythology behind this show though so I broke down and got the first book in the series to try it out. I read the first few chapters last night (hence why I didn't get to bed until 4am *sigh*) and it seems..............dense. (And much like something else I've read but can't quite put my finger on at the moment. Pillars of the Earth? The Mists of Avalon? I just started it though so I could be very very wrong.) So far I would say it's interesting but it's not 'wowing' me. I could just be a jaded SOB though. lolol  (As much as I love sci-fi TV, I'm pretty picky about sci-fi books.) And I do all this with the full knowledge that reading the book first might totally ruin the show for me, like it did with the Sookie Stackhouse series. (Love those books, am just 'meh' on the show. The trashy lowbrow fun of the books just translates into ridiculous and over-the-top to me on screen. Clearly I'm in the minority though because the show is a hit. /shrug)


Margaret said...

Isn't the time change terrible? I want to throttle the idiots who decided to move the time changes to earlier times. Totally ridiculous.

Love your stitchy finish!! So cute! Love the colors you chose!

Sorry, haven't even heard of that show. I don't watch TV much. lol!

Annie said...

I like DST once we have days that are long enough so I don't wake up in the dark. And we're pretty much there now.

Super cute little finish. I love your color choices.

Marnie said...

Oh I love that series! Except the author takes his sweet time writing the next installment and I gave up waiting. I think he has a book out that I haven't read, but I was so annoyed at being left where I was and YEARS until the next book was due. LOL

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little finish! Congrats!

Now it's back to that sweater, right???? LOL

Pretty Things said...

Oh gosh, if that's a book series like Outlander that takes years between books, I'm afraid to try it!

byLGD Glass Jewelry said...

you aren't kidding. i feel like i'm moving in slow motion too. i love your pillow! it's sooo cute!!!

Vinniey said...

Glad that you love the design. :) Beautiful color choices and I love your Xmas theme idea.

Cole said...

Spring forward... how come something that sounds so positive knocks us straight on our keisters? Man...

Love your finish, I think I need to head over & print that one :)

Sylvia said...

Cutie patootie finish!

We won't get the time change over here for another 2 weeks - I dread it though. Totally knocks me on my rear.

I will have to check out the show online sometime.

Siobhan said...

Fantastic finish!! I love the colors in it.

We don't have the time change here yet, either. I always dread it--I like my sleep, and losing an hour of it doesn't make me a happy bunny.

We are getting promos here for Game of Thrones, but not sure when it starts. I am looking forward to it, though! I'm with you on the Sookie books. I know the books have sex in them but seriously--the show seems to have boinking in every second clip, and for no reason, it just seems to happen. DH is the only one who hasn't read the books and as we watched an episode from the third season (which is just now showing over here), he kept asking where the heck the show was going and why there was so much sex. LOL

Nancy said...

Your Love pillow turned out so pretty!

Pumpkin said...

Sweet finish :o)

Laurie said...

DST kicked our butts this year, too. Ugh... Cute pillow!

Michele said...

very cute pillow .. must find freebie! lol

I have to admit I love TB, never did read the books though. My 22 year old son calls it my Vampire porn show! lol