Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2011 Resolu........errr.........GOALS.

(Older ornament currently on my tree.)

Because there is almost an inherent sense of failure built into the word 'resolution', yes? Goals seems more.......doable somehow. Besides, my personal new year's resolution would be the same one I've had for many years: resolve to survive the next year as best (and as happily) as I can. The End.

Having said that though, I'm setting out some crafty type goals for myself. Everyone and their brother is doing the Crazy Pants Insane 15 day/project Stitch-a-Long Thingy (I may have embellished the name a lot bit). I'm not going to link it because most of y'all probably already know about it. :) It is intriguing, it is. It hits all my Type A buttons - not gonna lie. But I think it's unrealistic for me to accomplish because I just can't do that much stitching. For whatever reason, stitching hurts my wrist/elbows much more than knitting does so I can't spend a whole lot of time doing it. I pretty much always have some sort of aches/pains/numbness going on with my hands/wrists (who wouldn't with the sheer amount of work I put them through day after day, year after year??) but the stitching brings out the worst.  *sadness* So I'm going to modify things a bit for the challenge.

I thought I didn't knit very many socks last year but a quick glance on Ravelry tells me I knit 8 pairs. Good, but could be better considering I have enough yarn stashed to make approximately 125+ more pairs. *cough* So I'd like to try and make 12 pairs or some other similar project (like scarves, gloves, etc.) for the year. Totally doable! Ideally though, I want to push for 12 pairs of socks. :)
(Another oldie but a goodie. I stitched this one in 2002.)

I would also like to finish up 8-10 stitched ornaments or some other similar small project (like my ongoing Blackbird stocking project). By 'finish' I mean 'stitched' and not actually, uhhhhh, finished. Because the finishing of the finish sometimes takes a lot longer than the original finish, you get? lol

Get back to working on squares for the Scrap Blanket of Doom. I think I'm up to 20 squares done on that so I'd like to do at least 20 more this year if I have any hope of finishing it before 2020. 

Start/complete my first sweater project. The yarn for this has been sitting in the Priority bag it was shipped in on top of my desk since October or so. I figured it might make a good January project so there is no time like the present to get started!

So all condensed that is:

12 pairs of sock, one per month (or at the very least 12 completed knitting projects of similar size/scope)
8-10 cross-stitched ornaments (not neccesarily Xmas ornaments - Halloween works too!)
20 (at least) new squares for the Scrap Blanket of Doom
1 finished sweater.

God that sounds like a lot. Did I just take a 15 project challenge and turn it into MANY MANY MORE projects? ON WHAT PLANET DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE??????????? Hahaha! And I didn't even get into stash dieting or book reading! Oh well. I did say these were 'goals' - I'd probably be happy if I finished up half of that. :) 


gracie said...

my friend...you are having your own super crazy
challenge..lol..this could be good....I love knitting socks but just do not make the time to ...I actually have one of a pair knitted and the other is half finished. Please do not forget your magnificent beads in there....

Marnie said...

I've set a goal of a pair of socks each month, but would be happy to get 8 done as you did last year. :D

Melanie said...

Beads are definitely not forgotten! But beads are my daytime 'work' while my 'crafting' type things are my nighttime tv watching projects. So the two don't overlap one another. :)

Meadows08 said...

Sounds like your own kind of crazy challenge alright! Good luck achieving your GOAL!

Sharlotte said...

What a newsy post! I like the ornament . Really cute. I also like your resolution! That's about the best I've heard in a long time! I'll be excited to see your first sweater when your finished. I haven't knitted myself one in quite a while as I have been the size to look good in one in quite a while!!

Margaret said...

Nice goals! I do think you may have turned the challenge into more than 15 though. lol! I'm looking forward to seeing all your knitting, stitching, etc etc. Plus more beads of course!

KarenV said...

Those are some great goals! Good luck and I'll look forward to seeing what you accomplish this year.

Nancy said...

Having a happy year is the best goal yet. Enjoy 2011 and all your projects you have planned! Your ornaments are so pretty!

Julie said...

Will be nice to see your goals completed over the coming 12 months

Love the ornament!

Cole said...

Good luck with your goals! I look forward to seeing your progress :)

And thanks for the knitting link ~ I'll be sure to check it out!

Patty C. said...

i love The Snowman Ornament !!! He is too cute

Pumpkin said...

Melanie, you are too funny :o) That does sound like a lot but I wish you all the best in achieving those goals!