Friday, December 17, 2010

Trans Siberian Orchestra, rocking da HOUSE.

AWESOMENESS. We got there a little late (about 30 minutes....ugh!) because the traffic was MURDER downtown Providence. Total clusterf**k. But these guys put on a THREE hour show so......there was more than enough lasers, fireworks, ear-splitting guitars, and flames left to watch. Oh yeah, and the Christmas themed music wasn't bad either. :)

Unlike a lot of people in the audience, I did not keep the cell phone in hand to record every last bit (prefer to watch the show thanks!) but I did take one small video. Our seats were SOOOoooo awesome.

(The uploaded video is compressed and looks like crap but it looks flipping PERFECT on my iPhone! So if you want to see a perfect video, you have to come to my house for a viewing! lol)

It all makes me a little misty eyed for all the hair bands I saw in the 80's. Motley Crue. Bon Jovi. Poison. Whitesnake. Cinderella. Warrant. Winger. Skid Row..............Or maybe I'm just misty-eyed for 80's ticket prices? GOD THOSE WERE THE DAYS. $20 to see a show, $10 for parking. It really is enough to make you weep. lol Seems like you can't see anything nowadays without forking over a minimum of $200 for two tickets once you get done paying for everything. *sigh*


gracie said...

Thanks for sharing..they do put on a good show. It has been a long time since I have attended a PPAC or Civic Center concert....and the traffic is always crazy in downcity Providence when something is going on. Glad you enjoy the concert.

Sharlotte said...

Oh Melanie! You lucky girl! I just love TSO and they usually come into to KC if not Springfield as well, but I have never seen them in concert. My sister has seen them twice though! I know what you mean about the difference in ticket prices. I miss all those bands you mentioned. My mother-in-law counceled one of the Motley Crew members when they were in drug rehab. She NEVER would say which one of course! My guess was Vince Niel , but of course it could have been any of the lot! LOL.Thanks for sharing!

Pumpkin said...

SO COOL! We saw the concert advertised on television last night and DH went green with envy when I told him you were going ;o) Glad it was awesome!

Anonymous said...

That looks like Roddy on violin!!!!

Do you know if Tom Farese sang She's Coming Home? He's my favorite part of TSO!

We didn't go to the concert this year and now I regret it. I heard from a friend that it was spectacular!

Pretty Things said...

My husband LOVES the Trans Siberian Orchestra, and it's about the only Christmas music I can stomach, to be honest.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Going to see TSO for the first time on Wednesday, can't wait!