Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some stashing & Potter thoughts.

I wavered so much on getting a skein of Bugga yarn at that Stitches East because it is sooooo hard to get a hold of, and ultimately decided not to get one because, really now, I don't neeeeed anymore sock yarn. 
Well, what do you think popped up this week in the last package of this year's The Loopy Ewe Sock Club?
A skein of Bugga!
And all was right with the world. lol

It's not a color I would have gravitated to on my own but I do like it. (I just never seem to make a grab for many blues when it comes to yarn.........not sure why??)

I also got the two newest Lizzie Kate patterns this week. I love the colors and the fact that they aren't your typical 'holiday' type colors, you know? They're very bright and bordering on tropical and I really do hope to work up at least ONE of these soon. I wasn't planning on working up the scissor fob as an actual fob (I think it would be just darling as a ornament or cube finish) but OMG HOW FREAKING CUTE ARE THESE SCISSORS?? I've never seen these kits in person before so I was not in anyway prepared for how_freaking_small these scissors would be. They are like scissors for fairies! Or garden gnomes! Sooooo cute! I think they would drive me nuts if I tried to use them with my big, beefy, Irish potato-picking, in-no-way-graceful peasant hands but +9823 points for cuteness! lol

I was just organizing the 'stash to see what I had/wanted to do for a couple Xmas stitchies and, wow, I need to cull the stack a little. Stayed tuned for a giveaway of goodies soon!!! lol

Oh yes. We went to go see Harry Potter last night was really really good but really really unrelentingly dismal. Wow.  0_o The book was pretty intense (I remember having to throw it down here and there and walk away because it was just too much at certain points) so I should have expected that but the movies, by and large, are more about CGI effects than intense emotions so it was surprising to me, I guess. (The book, as always though, is still a hundred times better. Heh.).

This is full of WIN though:
Don't look at me Bill, I'm heeeedeous. lolol


gracie said...

Give away? did I hear give away?!
Happy Thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

That Lizzie Kate snowman is beyond adorable. I may have to look for that at my LNS.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin said...

Nice stash! I got LK's snowman but the autumn fob. The fob hasn't come yet so I haven't seen the size of the scissors :o)

I can't wait to see the new HP!

Sylvia said...

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love the yarn. I am going to try and get into that sock-club of the month with Loopy Ewe next year... we will see.

Yes, those Lizzie Kate kits are quite cute.
Had to laugh regarding your hands...they do create pretty, pretty things though!

valerie said...

I was dragged to HP on Thanksgiving and it was great. Mind you I didn't see #6 and couldn't even remember much of the last book. I think i need to start over from the beginning again!

Love the booga yarn and that Snowman '10 is too cute!

Julie said...

Lovely stash, cute scissors