Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hmph. I *really* have to get a handle on the projects this week.

There are neat piles of 'stuff' from all over my fireplace hearth in my living room and, yet, I keep_starting_new_projects. I went from a stack o' Blackbird stockings to be finished up, to knitting squares for the Scrap Blanket of Doom, to stitching up a couple Halloween stitchies, to itching to dig into this mystery bag of yarny goodness that came last week:
Look at it......so mysterious...........wanting to come out. It's whispering......knit me......knit me......... knit me. GAH! I'm trying my best to ignore it until I catch up a little because the way it is right now I'm leaving little slips of fabric, thread, T-pins, polyfil, and measuring tapes everywhere I go.  Soooo.............
Designs by Bent Creek & Val's Stuff

I buckled down and finished up my two new Halloweenies into pillows. And let me tell you - this is some of the worst sewing I've done in a while so don't look too hard at the supposed-to-be-straight sides, ok? My sewing machine doesn't have a permanent place outside of the storage closet and I didn't feel like taking the trouble to set up the card table for just two small things so I plunked that sucker down on the foundation ledge. It's sturdy, it's fits..................the foot pedal doesn't reach the floor? I didn't let that stop me so I pretended I had no legs and used my hand instead. LOOK AT ME GO WITH THE ONE-HANDED SEWING. Oh wait, LOOK AT ME SEW CROOKED LIKE OMGWHOA. *snort* Won't be trying that again. Promise. :)

And I also got all the August/September stockings cut out, interfaced, and prepped for sewing together. Will tackle that tonight before I get distracted by more Halloweenie stitchies. (I pulled a bunch of fall/Halloween stuff out of my stash so it is also calling my name at the moment.)
Scrap Blanket of DOOM has been relegated to on-the-go status - meaning I will only get to it when I'm in the car (I don't drive) or steal a minute here and there. I finished up another SIX squares last week but I was in the car a lot - I don't expect to get more than one square a week done up (if that) under normal circumstances.

I have to say though that these are SUPER EASY to knit  - even casting on in the car, while it's in motion, is easy-peasy! They are taking me about 90-120 minutes per square to knit up so they aren't super QUICK (those last few rows take foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr) but it's fun to see how the colors are going to come out as the square goes on.
I just hope the last ten squares are just as fun as the first ten have been. lol (Because there are going to be many many many squares in between.)


valerie said...

You crack me up...one handed sewing! No matter what...that's pretty talented! I think the pillow ornies look cute! Great job!

Margaret said...

One handed sewing, huh? Sounds interesting! :D Love the pillows, love your on the go project too!

Leslie said...

ohhhhhhh.. they are some great projects that you have going.

I know what you mean.. I am overwhelmed at the amount of work that I give myself to do. yikes.

Happy stitching

Sylvia said...

Mmmh, one-handed sewing - I have got to see that.

I love, love, love your blanket of doom, and when I grow up, and have knitted lots & lots of socks ( right now the total stands at 2 pair...) I want to make a blanket of doom too. LOL.

Alright, enough of the silliness - I can't really tell that you sewed those pillow only with one hand, since they look very cute. I am assuming that the other hand was pressing down on the foot pedal... pretty funny.

Siobhan said...

ROFLOL about the one handed sewing. I remember when I got my first sewing machine, I had no idea that I had to put down the presser foot, so my sewing was going all over the place. I am amazed I even managed to turn the machine on, I was so new to it. :P

I love your knit squares! Very pretty.

GREAT job on your Halloween pillows!

Julie said...

ONe handed sewing made me smile! they look lovely, the little kitty one is so cute.

Blanket squares are coming along nicely, some lovely colours there

Fancy showing a bag full of crafty stuff then not showing whats inside it, thats what i call a real teasing post LOL

Pumpkin said...

ROFLMBO!!!! You are too funny Melanie ;o) I could just picture you! I think you did a fine job. Can you tell me what BC pattern that is?

You really are whipping those blocks up! That blanket is going to be SO nice :o)

Michele said...

what adorable Halloween pillows! wanky or not they are too cute :)

ViviBijoux said...

with all these projects on the go, you still find the time to lampwork as well, you're super womam! lol I love the multi colour blue square. cute! smiles, Virginie