Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bit of This and That

Firstly, don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already done so! :)
It's open to all and you don't have to do anything other than provide me with a means to contact you if you win.
 ***And on that subject, a few people have forgotten to leave emails and/or don't have their blogger id's 'connected' to anything. :(
I am still putting those names 'in the hat', so to speak, just in case 1) you contact me in the meantime to update me with your info or 2) divine intervention strikes and I can somehow magically figure out who you are. lol But if I can't contact you, obviously, then you can't win. I could, perhaps, put a shout out to Jane T. Smith here on the blog but then anybody could claim to be that person and I would be none the wiser, so that seems hardly fair either. Lesson learned: next giveaway I think I'll just ask that EVERYBODY email me if they want to enter. Problem solved, right? :)

Well, there was a firstly, so I feel I must put a 'Secondly' here but I don't know that I have anything so important left to say for there to be a 'secondly'. Hmmm..

Does anybody else read/stalk the Needled knitting blog? It's absolutely divine. She posts such beautiful pictures of Edinburgh from her many hikes around the area and every time she does, I immediately want to sell my house, pack up my stuff and move there AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
(Her photo, not mine. Please click the link to her blog to see more like it)

It's like a fairylandmagicplaceofmagicalthings and I *have* to go there some day.
All bets off as to whether or not I come BACK though if I do. lol

Oh, I did finish my mittens AND my Blackbird designs July stockings (a month late..........ssshhh.........nothing to see here.....move on..move on...) but I'm still working on photos for those. It's rained the last three days in a row so picture taking has been rather random and dreary. (Though I think the mitten snaps I got this afternoon might work. Might. Will have to work on those later.)

And LASTLY, just to follow the whole 'ly' theme, is there any end to the different ways I can churn out Halloween beads? Apparently not. Here is another new I did this week:

 Frog in a Pot. Witch's Brew. Whole Heap of Trouble. It's Starting to GET WARM IN HERE. Poor froggie. I boiled him up for greater good of beady-ness. Heh.


Pretty Things said...

Scotland. Swoon. If you're a reader, try Outlander. My favorite series EVER. Almost all in Scotland.

Pumpkin said...

Beautiful! Sigh...that is one place I'd like to go someday.

Froggie in a pot! So cute and so perfect for us stitchers ;o) LOL!

Meadows08 said...

That froggie in the pot is seriously cute! Love the Scotland pictures too!

Julie said...

Froggie in a pot is adorable.

Scotland is a beautiful place to visit, i had a maternal grandfather that lived there and we visited often, haven't been back since he passed away though

Dani - tkdchick said...

OMG that frog is a RIOT!!!!

Carol said...

Love your litte froggy, Melanie--you do wonderful work!

Leslie said...

omg.. I love the frog. You are too talented.
I love the photograph, I will have to check out that blog.
Hope your weekend is AWESOME!!

Laurie said...

Must go check out Needled...I am an absolute fiend for castles and gothic architecture. Thanks for the tip! Love yer little froggie dude, too!