Friday, July 02, 2010

Holllllly heck I don't know where this week has gone. :(

Just POOF! and it's suddenly Friday? I need to make a to-do list for next week, methinks, so I don't get off track again and lose another week to the nothings. lol

Notable things for the week:


What? You didn't watch this obsessively ten times in a row? Oh, maybe it was just me. lolol I even watched it a couple times on my tv to get the full 42-inch HD effect (because all hail the TiVo wireless service that streams all sorts of internets). I don't even know why I get so excited about these trailers because the movie is never ever even close as good as the books. I KNOW THIS and yet I still get excited. There is FiendFyre! And Shell Cottage! Walk in the Forest! Snake in a Old Lady! UGH. Is it November yet? lol

Hey, if someone's cell phone accidentally pants-dials you what do you do? Ignore it? Think the person in question has been kidnapped and get the state police and rescue services involved?
.......................Wait.....what? Yeah, welcome to my world. We went out to eat out-of-state the other night and the hubby's cell phone accidentally crank called his mother a few times while it was in his pocket. She took this to mean we had been abducted, like for REAL, and had 911 emergency services rushing out to our house like woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Now you have to understand - this is a very quiet neighborhood. Very. Quiet. There is NO thru traffic on this street and I've only seen a police car once in my 7 years here and that was when One Eye John took ill. (His actual nickname - I swear I'm not making fun.) So when we got out of the restaurant there was a blizzard of voice mails from his mother, the Connecticut State Police and neighbors to deal with. CRAZY STUFF, man. And, per usual, we forgot to lock our sliding glass doors so I'm not even sure the police didn't come in the house on their own when no one answered the front door. Grrrrr. (Actually, we're lucky the front door was locked. I forget that one too sometimes. *sigh*) I'm glad to know that if something happened, people would notice but I'm not sure I needed firsthand knowledge of this. Hmph.

Sooooo, that's my crazy story for the week. Bet you can't top it. Here's hoping the holiday weekend is boring and drama free! lol
Have a great weekend, guys. :)


corinna said...

love the drama from mamas worries...
hey somebody cares-you gotta love it
thanks for your fun comment today,
hubby laughed when i called him my mule knitter
now if i can just get him to cross stitch- i can sit back, drink tea, and select chocolates for personal consumption
smiles and happy 4th to you
i showed hubby your beads on your blog
he thought they were amazing too
esp goldfish and the birds

April Mechelle said...

Nope, I sure can't top that. Mother's Love. My hubby's mom always looks at things in a " something has happened to them" way.. Worries herself till she sees him. Love the starfish beads !! Keep beading!

Margaret said...

You're right..can't top that story! You're luck that they didn't break down the front door. They have been known to do that in emergency situations.
Happy Fourth!

Laurie said...

Oh dear...that is priceless! I once stayed on the line after someone pants dialed me, thinking it might be my husband. It wasn't...but I heard some interesting stuff before I realized it. LOL!

Leslie said...

I keep prank calling my daughter by accident. Errrrrrr. I love when other people do it, call me nosy but I will listen forever!

Have a wonderful 4th.

Pumpkin said...

I can't wait for the new HP to come out :o)

OMG! Are you serious???? I would just die.

Hope you have a more relaxed 4th of July ;o)

Siobhan said...

BWAH HA HA!!! That is hysterical!! My husband constantly forgot to lock his old cell phone & he'd call the neighbors, friends, employees... anybody that he'd just called or texted. My neighbor called me once to say that DH had sent her over 100 blank texts. Lovely. LOL

We can't wait for HP, too!

dixiesamplardesigns said...

Good, you guys sure know how to have fun!! LOL! At least the cops showed up...ours usually take forever to respond, or go to the wrong house!

Can't wait for the HP movies to hit the screen...and, I love that they broke it up into two movies this time!

Your beads are gorgeous...I am going to have to design a scissors fob so I can use some of them, or have you make some special ones for me??!!

Thanks for your sweet comment and becoming a follower of my blog...I love meeting new stitching bloggers. Your patriotic pillows are adorable, and the stockings turned out great too!