Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Haruni. Fini.

(And, as always, my camera is IMPOSSIBLE when it comes to photoing purples. None of these are the 'true' color but I got it as close as I could. I love all purples so no biggie.)

Isn't it amazing what a little washy-washy and blocking will do for your knitting? This went from a big wadded up ball of UGLY pre-wash, to a light, ethereal, lacy shawl post-blocking. (Aided by 4,542,232 T-Pins, of course, because this? TOOK A LOT OF PINS. Each little loop on the bottom needed it's own pin to get it nicely shaped. That's a lot of patient, careful, pinning!)
Project details are here on Ravelry.

Just a lovely pattern, it really is, and totally FREE so you can't beat that. Thanks to the designer for sharing such a great pattern! 2005 people have knit or are knitting this project on Ravelry which is just a crazy number when you think about it. And I'm sure that will go up by a lot more now because I noticed the Yarn Harlot just knit one and where she knits, many many others follow. (Not that there is anything wrong with that. She has a knack for scoping out nicely detailed but not crazy-hard projects.) I used stash yarn for this too, which is always good. (I've pretty much given up putting a dent in the stash though. lol At this point I'm happy if I can at least keep it to a size that actually FITS in my house.)

What's up next? Citrus Mittens. 
This is the designer's picture. More details here.

My first Fair Isle aka stranded aka colorwork project! SCARY! 
I'm pretty far along with the first mitten and it's been, mmmm, interesting. Not as fiddly in some ways as I thought it might be, working with two colors at once, but crazy fiddly in other ways (mainly the thumb). Gotta be honest though - I'm a little deflated at the thought of having to knit two. Not so much at the time it will take (because the first one is going along pretty good) but just the thought of tackling that chart.........again. These would have been a good candidate, maybe, for the two-at-one-time method. lol


Kajsa said...

How pretty! Can't wait to see a pic of the mittens.

Margaret said...

Oooooh! Tell me how you learned to do two stranded (faire isle) knitting!!! I want to learn so badly but I'm too shy to take a class or anything. Did you teach yourself?

Oops! Sorry. :D Got carried away. I can see why having to knit two mittens would be discouraging. Loooove your shawl!!! Gorgeous! Did you really use 4,542,232 t pins? :D I'm sure you used a lot no matter the number. Congratulations!

Meadows08 said...

Your scarf turn out so pretty! The transformation is incredible.

The mittens look super cute. Good luck with the second one.

Laurie said...

Beautiful! I love the color you chose and he design.

Those gloves look really exciting - can't wait to see what you do with them!

Walden said...

The Haruni looks wonderful! Love the color.

valerie said...

Your Haruni is awesome! Totally awesome. I love the purple variation and was well worth the crazy number of Tpins! I have no idea how you are doing the mittens. Patterns in knitting seem so hard!

Anonymous said...

Haruni is beautiful. Congratulations on the finish.

Love the citrus mitts too. Can't wait to see yours.

Anonymous said...

I love the Haruni! That color is spectacular! I have sort of a love affair with fair isle, so I am excited to see how your mittens turn out. :)

Leslie said...

what is it with camera's and the color purple!?!?! drives me crazy.
I love love love it!! Beautiful.

Sylvia said...

That shawl is amazing - I love it but always have struggled with knitting lace.

BTW I just finished reading The Passage ( I am not sure if your previous post made me pick it up), but the book was amazing - I finished it in 7 days which is really quick for me. I have a thought on the ending if you want to email me. Its not a book you can put down and forget, it takes some mulling over. My e-mail is Hurrymom@hotmail.com.

ViviBijoux said...

OMG! so much work went into that piece! you're as talented with yarn as you are with glass!! ^_^ Vi

ViviBijoux said...

OMG! you are as talented with yarn as you are with glass, wow! ^_^ Vi

Margaret said...

Gorgeous shawl! you inspire me to want to knit lace.

Love the mittens. I get SSS(second sock syndrome) so why not SMS? Hope you make it through and knit the other one. They are a work of art.