Friday, April 09, 2010

This will primarily be a LOST post...

But first I should note that the web site is currently down while the host does a server update. It should be back up shortly. *fingers crossed*

So onward to LOST.............

This week's episode was just so much !@#$!@#$!@#$@ for me. I just *heart* Desmond the most of everyone on the show. His pathos is so uncomplicated in a lot of ways in comparison to the Oceanic peeps. His destiny is to be with Penny and that's pretty much it. No complicated daddy issues, or criminal issues, or does he love her or her or HER issues (a la Jack/Kate/Sawyer). He's not a douche (*cough* Jack). He doesn't make me angry with his constant *I'm oh so constipated* face (*ahem* looking at you Kate). His story is very simple at it's core and I love him, my bruthaaaaaaaa, for it.

I may have screamed just a little during the "not Penny's boat" scene. Just a little OMFG MY MIND IS GOING TO EXPLODE scream. Can't wait for the beta-verse to keep bleeding into the alpha-verse. It's just crazy fun. Go Desmond, go.


corinna said...

just found your blog
fun! lovely beads-socks(wow)& stitches

thanks for your comment

i am chuckling because i was at LNS
and saw the swirly scarf finished
and commented to owner, "that is so difficult would it be? her reply "i hated knitting that!"
but i was still thinking hey it is so pretty after seeing your comments, iwill finish sock 2 and then am making some summer ankle socks


Angela said...

I'm a HUGE Lost fan too :) I will be so sad to see the end of this wonderful show in just 5 weeks! It's so much fun though to try to figure out what is going on and why and I can't wait to see how they end it!

Melanie said...

The swirly scarf is on hiatus for the moment. It's a stunner to look at but, wow, what a time investment! I was thinking it would be a good thing to enter into the fair this year for a ribbon but, man, I so need a break from it. lol