Friday, April 23, 2010

Finish and some awesome LOST linkage (if you *like* LOST, that is)

I'm back on my BB stocking project. We smooched and made up and now it's helloooooooo, lovaaaa! (I will will will WILL finish the whole year's worth of these.) This one is for May. So two for May down, one more to go. This one was a bit of a buzz kill to do, to be honest. I started off with a 'dirty' linen and it was wrong, wrong, wrong for these colors so I had to start it over and then I had the worst time trying to keep track of the gold/cream pattern of the.........bag? sack? posset? thing that holds flowers? That thing. I ended up having to mark the pattern up with colored markers and use long magnets to keep my place. I usually find reading patterns pretty easy but this one had me whipped for some reason. There was majoring ripping out, and ripping out, and ripping out some more to get it right. :( I am choosing to view this as the pattern's fault vs. thinking I am just getting too old and too foggy to keep things straight anymore. MOVING ON..................

Now on to LOST..........
Someone posted some awesome cartoony LOST figures over here this week. #$!@#$!@#$!@ OMG DESMOND.

AND BEN'S BIG FAT EVIL HEAD? Mwahahahahaaa! Too funny!!! This week's episode was kind MEH, especially compared to last week's Flocke drive-thru (heh). It did have one good EPIC scene for me though.

Jack flying through the air like a dog toy? NEVER GETS OLD. NEVER EVER.


corinna said...

stocking looks great
frogging ------major ugh- nope - whine----and how long can i procrastinate----
you just forged -

Nancy said...

Your stocking stitching is gorgeous!

I love LOST! We decided to watch it on DVD rather than TV episodes (found out about it too late!) so we haven't seen this scene yet.

Leslie said...

Your cross-stitch looks good!!
Haven't seen lost in a few years, once I missed a few episodes I was lost! : )
Happy Weekend.

Melanie said...

I'm always lost when watching LOST. lol Every time you think you've got 'it' you realize, nope, still lost. Haha!

(This scene btw, is not a spoiler or anything. Jack is FINE. :))