Thursday, April 15, 2010

2010 Pin Pillow Exchange

This is the finished pin pillow I did for BeckyBee's exchange. It ended up going to Singapore so now I've sent beads *and* cross-stitch to that country, which is pretty cool. She finally got it in the mail this week so I can now post my pics of it.

The design is Happy Heart Heart Day by The Trilogy. I have done a few of their designs before but this particular one was new for me. My exchange partner liked the colors brown and blue so that is one of the reasons I chose it. The birdhouse fabric is one I've had in my stash for a long, long time. It's one of 'those' pieces of fabric that is almost too precious to use. You know what I mean: you love it so much that you get nervous about using it because you know you will never find it again? Yeah, like that. But I liked the way they looked together and the colors matched up so well that I went for it.(And yes, I may have broken out into a sweat when I had to cut into it. DON'T JUDGE. Any fabric hoarder knows *exactly* what I'm talking about here.)  I'm pretty sure I'm going to stitch this up again, exactly like this, for myself. You know, ONE OF THESE DAYS. lol (It also gives me a hankering to make wee birdhouse beads. Hmm...)


Nancy said...

Sweet pin pillow! Your work is very beautiful!

I think wee birdhouse beads would be awesome!

Melanie said...

Thank so much Nancy! :)