Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Socks are finished!

I was going to finish them up on Sunday evening while watching the House brou-ha-ha stuff but then I thought "Do I really want to bother to finish them if the world is going to end tomorrow?". Probably not. A pair of finished socks really wouldn't be that helpful as the world was imploding in on itself. But then Monday came and went like normal so I finished them last night instead. I feel kind of cheated after all those hysterics about health care. I had popcorn at the ready to watch the fireworks and stuff and turns out it was just boring ole health care stuff after all. Hmph.

Side note: I half-jokingly declared myself a socialist last week on my LJ after we got our taxes back from the tax lady. SWEET BABY JESUS those Obama middle class tax cuts are sweeeeeeeeeeet. And and and and the stimulus tax incentive we got for putting in all new windows on the house last year was even better - it flat out paid for the WHOLE shebang WITH some leftover. What is this? Someone paying ME to put in thirteen new windows for FREE? LOVE YOU LONG TIME, FEDS! If socialism is about not having leaky-ass wood windows that don't give me a hernia every time I try to open them up AND not needing a ladder on the OUTSIDE of the house to clean them, you may have won me over. lol (Yes, I'm easy. What can I say? I really hated those freaking windows!) If they want to throw $3,000 at me this year to put in a brand new furnace, I'm a goner for sure. ;)

Anyhoo, I should be working on new beads this week. Maybe. I haven't been doing any beads other than orders lately because my basement/work area is swampy with the epic rainstorms of the past week. It's been totally gross at times down there. Blech. I'm not complaining too much because parts of the state were hit much harder and people went w/o power for almost a whole week and/or had a ton of damage from trees falling down. We're definitely going to have to rip the carpet out now down there. Half of downstairs is tiled but, of course, that part isn't swampy - it's mostly just the carpeted area. *sigh* So that plus the fact that high humidity is the quickest way to ruin the sieve beds in  your oxygen concentrator has = not many beads coming out of me in the last week. It was *almost* completely dried out and then another pouring rain came in all day today. UGH!!!


Pretty Things said...

I just found out the hard way that humidity and an oxygen concentrator do not equal a happy torch.

Melanie said...

Oh no! :(

I'm surprised mine is still chugging along. *knock on wood*
I bought it in.........2002? So if I had to replace it I wouldn't weep, I guess. We're old buddies though so I would miss him. :)