Tuesday, March 02, 2010


 Lots and LOTS of new stuff up in the Bead Shoppe today!!

Better late than never, I guess. February was just not a good month for me re: new stuff. Just not that into it. Which is allowable from time to time after EIGHT YEARS. Sometimes ya get bored and that's that. (Side note: I clicked around to a bunch of 'old' bead sites the other day, something I haven't done in a long time..........maybe too long of a time because most of the ones I looked up were gone, gone, gone. Poof! Disappeared. Not many of us 'old timers' left plugging away at this thing, eh? I wonder all the time how I've made it this far considering my short attention span. It is somewhat miraculous. I'm waiting for my sainthood from the Pope ANY DAY NOW. *taps foot*)

Anyhoo, I picked the winner for last  months giveaway last night and the winner was...

Congrats, Nori!!!!! I'll have these in the mail to you this week. HAPPY BEADING WITH THEM!!!!! :)

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