Saturday, February 20, 2010


There are a bunch of events in the Winter Games that put me into straight into an Olympicoma if I have to watch them for more than 5 minutes (read: any type of skiing/skating that takes longer than a few minutes per run to complete and/or any type of luge/bobsled event) but this year I've discovered, strangely enough, that I FREAKING LOVE CURLING. ADORE IT. TOTALLY HOOKED. LOVES ME SOME CURLING.

Who knew, eh? It's the kind of love that sneaks up on  you. I've been watching it every night around supper time and I've got the lingo down now. I'm all HAMMER! BUTTON! T-LINE!, etc.  It's a one way ticket to the unhippest Crazy Town you've ever seen but I'm enjoying the train ride. :)

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