Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's war, baby.

Anybody else interested in this whole crazy situation with the Tonight Show? I admit that I am fascinated by it but I really couldn't tell you WHY, especially because I don't generally watch any late night tv. Whaaaat? (The exception being The Daily Show but I tivo that and watch it whenever I get around to it.) I've never even been a big watcher of the Tonight Show. Carson was a little too old for me when he was on and I've never been able to stomach Leno as a comic.

I think the whole thing though is such an EPIC FAIL that it piqued my interest. OMG DRAMAZ where nobody is actually being hurt? SIGN ME UP! I love a good (but harmless) trainwreck, ya know? If I have to pick a team though I'm definitely with COCO. I'll take wacky-funny over boring-and-too-politically-correct-'funny' every single time. Poor Coco. We hardly knew ye. No, really - WE HARDLY KNEW YE! *snort*

(Though I have to be honest and say that if I have to pick a late night show as my fav, it's Craig Ferguson's. He's wickedly clever, sharp as a tack, and, Ooowheeeee, the Scottish accent  ain't bad either. Who doesn't love a good Scottish brogue? *purrr* I wish I had time to watch his monologue every day but ya can't watch everything. I catch him sometimes during the summer when there is nothing else to tape.)

And to save this entry from being TOTAL MINDLESS DRECK THAT NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD BE INTERESTED IN........I'll throw in a photo of some Xmas ornaments I *finally* got around to sewing up the other day. (Refresher: I did the needlework in Nov/Dec.)

I'm sure they'll look good on the tree...................NEXT DECEMBER. Heehee. Three finished about five more to go. I'll get around to it sooner or later. :) And I even put beads on one of them so, POOF, I ended up bringing this all right back around to beads. *proud*

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