Sunday, December 27, 2009

This year's unexpected Xmas gift:

 My small town cable company finally crawled (scratching and kicking) into the 21st century and upgraded it's service last week. I now have those 'rare' channels like E! and CNN Headline News like the rest of y'all have probably been getting for 10+ years. Wooooooo!?? (I know *I* had these channels when we lived in RI pre-2004.) I'm not sure I want to WATCH anything on the E! channel** etc., mind you, but it always frosted my butt that we had such a dismal selection of channels even though we fork over a small fortune to them every month. (Raise your hand if your cable bill is the highest monthly utility bill you have. OOOOooo! MEeeeee! Meeee!!! MINE IS MINE IS!!)

**Exception being the National Geographic channel. I do think we will enjoy that one. You used to be able to get their specials on PBS but then they started their own channel and they disappeared from PBS. I've missed them. :(

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