Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Happy New Year?

Yeah, so I failed at keeping up with this last year. :)

It wasn't my best year ever, to be honest but everything is changing this month, it seems: new web site design is up, brand new email addresses*, and hopefully, a new year that is better than the last one. Nothing tragic happened or anything last year but I've just been lost in the fog in certain ways.  (I think it's kinda crazy and sad how fast last year went by without me paying attention.)

I don't know that I've missed blogging per se but I have missed an outlet for keeping track of my projects and chatting with people. Especially because I finished OH SO MANY PROJECTS last year. (For me, at least.) I know people are jumping the blogging ship to move to Instagram but I never seem to remember to use that either! I'm super bad at the social medias thing. (I have NO IDEA how people keep up with multiple social media sites every single day. None. Zip. Zilch.)

So, I started going through what I finished this year in the hopes of getting it down before I forgot and the pile just grew and grew and grew.  

Some finished items...

My favorites were the Sled Dudes I finished last month: 
As you can see, no actual sled needed to finish. I popped the last one on a $0.99 black 'chalkboard tag' from the craft store that I dotted with white and it made a quick and easy gift for someone. 
Though......definitely not as many 'finished' finishes as I would like. Most of the items are smalls in an unfinished state:

Plus one totally random Bent Creek that's neither small or big and fits in with nothing theme-wise. lol

My knitting took a hit with all the stitching going on. I finished only a 'scant' three pairs of socks, my usual handful of Scrap Yarn Blanket Squares and one Christmas Stocking.

Just one stocking. The other stocking (mine) is a WIP but slow going. I'm mighty tired of colorwork at the moment. Particularly because I powered through that stocking with only one circular when it called for two. (I Magic Looped it which is totally a doable thing but very, very tedious to shift the circular cord around every half a row. Now I'm in so far it makes no sense to pay $$$ for a second circular when I'm this close to finishing the project so I'm just STUCK being miserable with it.)

Not seen: 2 colorworked 'Advent' mittens that I finished in December before I got the stocking done. SUPER CUTE project and well worth a peek for any knitters. I never had a hope or a pray to get a whole Advent calendar's worth of them done (I'd be happy with 8-10) but a lot of people DID finish the whole set and each grouping is more amazing than the last. The original set is done in red/white/oatmeal but so many people did them in brilliant, rich colors and ACK! I just love looking through the project pages on this! It's pure knitterly happiness.

Hmmm. I know there was something else I had in mind to put here but I've already forgotten it since I started uploading photos. The goes. Next up is to hopefully try and get back into leaving comments on all the pretty, pretty blogs I read everyday in my Feedly because I've been awful with that as well. (Sorry!)

 *Drat. Just remembered I have to change my email with Blogger as well. Grrr! My cable company got bought out and it's a NIGHTMARE trying to change 10 years of internet history to a new email before the old mail servers get deleted.


Maggie said...

It's good to see a post from you, I had wondered what had happened to you!
I'm so glad you are not moving over to instagram, as so many bloggers seem to have done, i love the personal touch of blogging.

You had some lovely finishes last year, those knitted mittens are just adorable!! I found a stocking pattern on Ravelry that was cute but unfortunately i have too many patterns and not enough time!

Good luck with the new website, hope to see more of you this year. x

Vickie said...

I am with you and Maggie. ;) I do not do Instagram or Facebook.
You have accomplished so much Melanie.
I DO know what you forgot! The kitties! Next time please?
Great to see a post by you.

Cath said...

Loads of lovely finishes . Glad to see you back .xxx

valerie said...

It's nice to see you posting again! I'm in a blogging slump too. I've signed up for Instagram but don't know where to start! Love your finishes and your mitten garland is amazing. I can just imagine how the full advent collection looks.

Robin in Virginia said...

Hi Melanie! Welcome back to blogging! What a fabulous assortment of finishes you created in 2015. I, too, like the mitten garland. Have a joyful and peaceful New Year.

Julie said...

I only blog so am happy to see you here, I wondered if all was well with you all.

Cute little advent mittens and I love love love that knitted stocking, such a collection of finishes and finished finishes too. You were busy.

I blog to keep a track of what I am doing, if folks stop by to comment that's fine, but as the old brain cells are getting worse at remembering stuff I can look back and see what I made for a friend/relative over the past years ... easy peasy.

Happy New Year xx

Margaret said...

OK, are you on instagram or not? lol! I love instagram myself. Anyway, Love all your stitching. The sled guys especially are adorable. LOVE your knitting! That stocking! The mittens! The stocking -- what's the info on that? I tired the two circulars for the first time recently -- love it!!! It's going to be my go-to method now when I need DPNs. I can do DPNs, but I like the two circs better. Anyway, good to see a blog post from you!

Carol said...

You're back?!! Yay!!! I've missed seeing your wonderful stitching, knitting, and sweet kitty photos, Melanie. You've accomplished so much this year and I have a hard time picking a favorite :)

Hope this is the first of many posts from you in 2016... Happy New Year, Melanie!

Maggee said...

Well, you might not have blogged with us, but you have sure been busy stitching and knitting! What a great bunch of finishes! I started the LHN Little Sheep Virtues this year, as a yearlong project with a FB group. Yes, I do FB but that is all...(I found an old ex-blogging friend was on Instagram, and signed up but then she dropped out... so I never got started. No biggie) Hope 2016 is a good one for you! Hugs!

Beth said...

I've missed you Melanie. Glad you are back to blogging - I am so old school I have a flip phone! No text messaging even much less Instagram and the like. I stitched several of the same smalls as you probably figured out we have similar tastes. I hope that 2016 is a much better year for you.

Jackie's Stitches said...

Wow you have been productive! Last year was a fog for me too but resulted in my spending less time with needles of any kind. My sewing machine probably has dust on it.

I didn't know you were on IG - following you now!

geeky Heather said...

Can I just copy the first part of your post to put on my long-neglected blog?? =) Like, seriously, it sounds like you just read my mind and typed it all out in a cohesive and coherent manner! Well, until we get to the part where you finished all that beautiful stuff, because I certainly didn't do that! Glad you are back.